Remain free, live off the land, these were my great ideas when starting out and have remained so. However, the road is a long and difficult one. With so many new trends in organic marketing, it is difficult to remain true to oneself and one's beliefs. I've had to built my own path, find my own way, in a world where image and marketing are everything, and the truth has so little importance.

And then there are the vines, living witnesses to those who came before me; they are what link me to my ancestors. A winemaker's vines are the essence of being a winemaker. One must also find their own style, their own place in the world; a winemaker must constantly question himself but also allow himself to be creative and express himself.

I would just like to say how lucky I am to have such an ungrateful and severe land, a land that, once transcended, allows me to make a wine that speaks to people, to their souls, and that people enjoy.

That's all I wish for.